Get Rid of Mold for Good

Choose us for mold removal services in Pottstown, PA

If you suspect there's mold living in your walls, crawl space, basement or attic, just call Mold Xperts right away. We offer mold removal services in the Pottstown, PA area. We'll use our professional equipment to get rid of all the mold spores within your home. We charge $600 minimum for each room, but we're currently offering $100 off if you need mold removed in at least three rooms. You can also rely on us for HVAC duct cleaning services.

Don't wait too long for HVAC duct cleaning or mold removal services. Call us today at 610-605-2307.

Say goodbye to mold

No matter how much mold you have in your property, Mold Xperts can handle it all. Contact us as soon as possible for mold remediation services if you're dealing with:

  • Excess moisture in your floors or walls
  • An HVAC system that isn't properly sealed
  • A flooded crawl space
  • Broken pipes
Once we get to the root of your mold issues, we'll do everything we can to contain the mold and keep it from spreading. Schedule mold remediation services with us today. And don't forget to ask about our 10-year warranties for attics and basements.