Keep Mold Out of Your Home

Turn to us for indoor air quality testing in Pottstown, PA

Mold can grow just about anywhere in your home. It can be found around windows, AC units, doors and ventilation systems. If you're worried there might be mold in your home, don't panic. Reach out to Mold Xperts for indoor air quality testing in Pottstown, PA. We'll test the interior and exterior areas of your home for mold and identify the root of the problem. Our testing services cost about $250 on average. If you want us to test extra mold samples, they'll cost $125 each.

Make an appointment with us for indoor air quality testing services today.

Count on us for thorough air quality inspections

If you want to make sure your home has no traces of mold, call Mold Xperts for air quality inspection services. Our process includes:

  • Taking mold samples
  • Sending your mold samples to our lab
  • Giving you detailed results
You can count on us to leave you completely satisfied with our air quality inspection services. Contact us today for more information.